Photo by Joel Carlin

Each organization I have the privilege to work with is like a tree.  It has roots.  Sometimes those roots are deep, stretching through and across generations of community wisdom, a growing body of literature, and/or experience on the ground.  In all cases the tree has found sources of nourishment that have sustained it to this point.  The tree has, likely, weathered some storms.  And, over time, it can grow to hold its singular place as part of the greater tree canopy – the leafy uppermost layers of a forest best viewed from above. 

My role is to support the continued growth of your tree – whether that’s at the roots or at the canopy.  What is this tree stretching toward?  What will nourish it?  What is its unique, important contribution to the forest?  How do we ensure its vitality for years and decades to come? 


Kristin has an excellent feel for when to intervene in discussions and to encapsulate and articulate decisions as the team makes them. I absolutely believe that the atmosphere of collegiality and discipline regarding thoughts and decisions was improved by her, with excellent results. I can’t think of a better meeting result. I’m very, very impressed by Kristin’s focus, tone, and thoroughness.

— Children’s Law Center planning team member