Kristin has a humble yet powerful approach that gently leads you to your goals — before you even realize it.

— Reesa Webb, Project Director, JSI Research and Training Institute, Inc.

We are gifted with many, many organizations – and their wonderful people – aiming to make this world a more just, healthy, sustainable, and compassionate place. I love that I get to work with these organizations. What that support work looks like varies. It can be focused at the tree roots or at the forest canopy. Often it involves an organization getting clearer about what, exactly, it is setting out to change in the world; being strategic about how to get there; learning and strengthening its work along the way; and sharing stories of its growing learnings, wisdom, and accomplishments.

Welcome to Roots to Canopy Consulting, LLC. I look forward to connecting with you around What Matters Most to you and to your organization.

Kristin Bradley-Bull
Founder and Lead Consultant