"This meeting succeeded beyond my wildest expectations. I can’t believe how far and fast you’ve brought this group."
--Children’s Law Center planning team member  

"This was a well-paced, thoughtful, and respectful  program planning and evaluation process that encouraged participation from everyone. Working with Kristin is a delight. She’s always prepared and has invested the time and energy necessary to understand our organization and what we are trying to achieve.  I look forward to our time together in part because I know we’ll do good work and in part because Kristin is a pleasure to be around." --Wendy Tonker, Executive Director, Schoolhouse of Wonder


"Facilitated perfectly! We started with a wide-sweeping array of ideas that ended up with a neatly packaged product. Great experience!" --Haven House Services planning and evaluation team member 


"Kristin aids our grantees by providing technical assistance related to evaluation.  She emphasizes the grantee’s ownership of the project evaluation and using evaluation as a tool for learning and project improvement. She encourages effective evaluation practices that are contextually appropriate for each grantee. Further, Kristin works with foundation staff to ensure that our practices and ways of engaging with grantees are supportive, high-quality, and reasonable for varying levels of evaluation capacity across grantees. And, her positive manner and thoughtful attention make the complex and difficult work of evaluation easier." --Kate Shirah, Program Director, John Rex Endowment    


"I feel that the facilitator truly facilitated and allowed the group to do the work.  This truly is the group’s plan." --Haven House Services planning and evaluation team member


"This has been a great opportunity to really examine and think out the process of connecting desired impacts with appropriate interventions. Kristin’s style was an excellent match for me. She reframed concepts in a way that was very useful." --Office of Population Affairs Regional Training Center training participant



"For over a decade the United Steelworkers International Union worked with Kristin. In that time, we partnered on numerous local and nation-wide initiatives in which we collectively developed programs, conducted evaluations and assessments, and co-facilitated projects and meetings. In each of these initiatives, Kristin demonstrated remarkable skills as a strategic planner and program manager. And she brought out the best from diverse groups and individuals. She always carried out this work with an abundance of humility as she persistently promoted collective learning, leadership, and capacity-building.  Kristin is exceptionally good at what she does." --Tom McQuiston, DrPH


"This was the best session I’ve ever been to. The practical approaches to evaluation were most useful." --National Smart Start annual conference training participant 


"Kristin has an excellent feel for when to intervene in discussions and to encapsulate and articulate decisions as the team makes them. I absolutely believe that the atmosphere of collegiality and discipline regarding thoughts and decisions was improved by her, with excellent results. I can’t think of a better meeting result. I’m very, very impressed by Kristin’s focus, tone, and thoroughness." --Children's Law Center planning team member 


"Facilitator’s style was very comfortable, empowering, and used adult learning theory. Thank you for a rewarding training!"
--Office of Population Affairs Regional Training Center training participant


"[The training] gave me the opportunity to take my thoughts and ideas to the next step by using them to develop a specific [program] plan… I think Kristin did a wonderful job. She is very welcoming and kind, which made the training that much more great. I also liked the way everything we did was broken down into steps. It was very helpful." --Youth Thrive program design capacity-building participant


"Kristin has a humble yet powerful approach that gently leads you to your goals -- before you even realize it." 
--Reesa Webb, Project Director, JSI Research and Training Institute, Inc.